Friday, 30 December 2011

I Want...I Wish...

Ok I know for a fact that I already own a lot of jackets and for a girl who hates winter, my love for A/W clothing is a little unnatural... But I can't help it!

I have fallen in love with yet another jacket and I wish I could get it...but I really should be good.

Do I have to be good?

River Island Black Faux Fur Collar Fallaway Jacket

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Topshop S/S 2012 Trends Preview

If you are like me, you are so over A/W and are now ready to look forward to S/S trends and clothing. A few of the high street stores are previewing their S/S collections so fashionistas like me can have a look at what is yet to come.

Topshop is one of these high street stores and if you visit their website you can have a look at their 'First look for 2012' showing you what will be trending for their collection next year.

Here are a few of the images to wet your appetite... enjoy!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Back to normal before 2012...SALE STOP

Hello all, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with lots of love, food, happiness and fabulous fashionable presents.

I love all my presents this year from my bright blue Miss Selfridge heels to my Neon Purple Ugg Boots. I will show you some pictures by the end of the week.

Today I will be focusing on sale shopping (duh). After Christmas the only thing that goes through a fashionistas mind is sale shopping... it's just one of those things you have to do. However I will not be braving the shops this year, far too busy. Online is the place to be!!!

Here are a few of the items I like from the sale so far...Enjoy!

Belted Ruffle Dress by Rare Opulence, Embellished Cut Out Dress by Rare.

 Miss Selfridge Aztec Printed Coat, Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Collar Trench Coat.

River Island Black Heart Print Bow Prom Dress, River Island Bright Green Faux Fur Trim Mittens. 

 River Island Pink High Neck Jumper, Topshop Lavish Strappy Platform Sandals.

 Zara Peep Toe Shoe with Gemstones, Topshop Ponte Pencil Skirt.
 Zara Drainpipe Jeans, Zara Patchwork Clutch Bag. 

 Topshop Contrast Bow Tulip Prom Dress by Dress Up, Zara Sequinned Ballerina.

Friday, 23 December 2011

What I Am Wearing Weekly Round Up! Christmas Special!

Christmas Special woooo. Well not really but this is my last post before Christmas :)

So here is what I have been wearing over the last 2 weeks, I have had a few nights out so I have had the chance to get dressed up a bit. I have also been experimenting with my hair, nails and lipstick.

So here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy :)

Picture on the Right: My new ASOS laced knee high boots.

 Picture on the left:  New Look Black Wedges, Picture on the Right: Moi wearing Rimmel Pink Vinyl Gloss.

 Rimmel Black Cracked Effect Nail Varnish.

My Hair....

 Picture on the left: Primark Blue Knitted Jumper, Uniqlo Navy Denim Jeans and Dorothy Perkins Black Military Boots, Picture on the left: H&M Black Polo Neck Jersey Dress.

 H&M Purple Hooded Knited Cardigan, H&M Ohh La La Top.

Red Lipstick..

Collection 2000 White Nail Smash Nail Varnish.

 Primark Teal Blouse with Pocket, H&M Body Con Black Skirt.

Primark Star Pattern Tights

New Look Beige Wedges, Moi with my glasses.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

I Want....Another Christmas Special

Dear Santa,

I would really like this Topshop Faux Fur Biker Jacket for Christmas. I have been debating the idea of buying a faux fur jacket for some time now, but have instantly fallen in love with this one. I would love it if I got it for Christmas :).

But if I don't get it....I think I will buy it for myself :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Winter Warmers: Faux Fur Accessories

Next stop on our winter warmers is faux fur accessories! What could keep you more warm than faux fur accessories and provide you with the same comfort? Nothing else really!

So whether it be a faux fur hat, stole or gloves this is one of the best winter warmers investments pieces you could purchase.

Here are some of my favourite from the highsteet... enjoy!

Asos Faux Fur Cossack Hat, Boohoo Scarlett Faux Fur Stole.

 Asos Faux Fur Lapel Collar, Miss Selfirdge Animal Faux Fur Headband.

 River Island Black Dalmatian Faux Fur Trim Gloves, Topshop Faux Fur Trapper Hat.

Topshop Leopard Print Faux Fur Earmuffs.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Red Carpet Watch: Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is coming to our cinema screen on December 26th (again). If you are like me I love the Millennium Trilogy books and have read all of them and watched the Swedish films, but now these films have been remade by the blockbuster movie makers in Hollywood. I personally did not see the need in remaking these films as I thought the originals were brilliant enough but I can  still say I am still very much excited.

Rooney Mara plays the lead female character Lisbeth Salander and is the new IT girl in Hollywood at the moment. I have caught a few of her red carpet moments from the pictures of the premier and she is looking great.

I find it very interesting that in both of the pictures she has chosen to wear dresses that show off her back when she plays a character who has a very prominant  and large back tattoo...clever girl.

Here are two the outfits from the premiers and also the two different versions of the movie poster. One of them is very out there... what do you think?